Chromotherapy, also known as color therapy, is a non-invasive energy medicine (vibrational healing) modality used for thousands of years to treat various illness and diseases. It is also effective in alleviating the symptoms of mental and emotional disorders. 

Chromotherapy uses the visible spectrum of light and color to affect a person’s mood and physical or mental health. Each color falls into a specific frequency and vibration, which contribute to specific properties that can be used to affect the energy and frequencies within our bodies.

While it is common knowledge that light enters through our eyes, it’s important to note that light can also enter through our skin. Chromotherapy provides colors to the electromagnetic body or the aura (energy field) around the body, which in turn transfers energy to the physical body. Given the unique frequencies and vibrations certain colors entering the body can activate hormones causing chemical reactions within the body, then influencing emotional and physical healing.

Some Benefits of Chromotherapy:

Often Instills a sense of calm and peace, bringing mind body harmony

Channelizes energy flow and regulates Chi or Prana

Can decrease production of stress hormones

Reduces aches and pains in joints to promote mobility

  • May well enhance productivity
  • May Improve focus, alertness, awareness and concentration
  • Know to reduce anxiety and panic attacks.

Although there is a true science to what color(s), modality(s) and points to use, depending on the client’s diagnosis, the rudimentary information below will give you a basic understanding.

Effect of Color on the Body

  • Warm colors: Elicit a warm mood, stimulate activity and creativity
  • Cool colors: Calming and passive, reduce tension and improve concentration
  • Neutral Colors: Provide a sense of calm, confidence, safety

Chromotherapy and the Chakra System

  • Red/First Chakra: Base of the spine/grounding and survival
  • Orange/Second Charka: Genitals and lower abdomen/sexuality and emotions
  • Yellow/Third Chakra: Solar Plexus/power and ego
  • Green/Fourth Chakra: Heart/love and responsibility
  • Blue/Fifth Chakra: Throat/spiritual and physical communication
  • Indigo/Sixth Chakra: Middle of forehead/compassion, forgiveness, understanding
  • Violet/Seventh Chakra: Crown of the head/connecting to universal energies, transmission of ideas and information

Sessions May Incorporate:

  • Colorpuncture
  • Color breathing
  • Sound Therapy
  • Color meditations
  • Use of solarized water
  • Shining rays of concentrated colored lights directly onto the body

Chromotherapy sessions available with Kristé Sprague at Ellsworth Counseling Services.

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